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Reframing the Future and Adapting to Change

A workshop presented by two of Australia's leading sustainability training organisations:

A joint educational workshop presented by between the Long Future Foundation and Sustain Ability International. Reframing the Future and Adapting to Change is a pathway for engineers to become the go-to professionals for the knowledge, tools, and implementation of change for the delivery of sustainability outcomes.

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Today’s organisations operate in a dynamic, complex and highly interconnected environment.

Change is persistent and the future can (rightly) seem frightening and without precedent.

Adding to the pressures of the marketplace, climate change is just one of nine natural, global systems that have been perturbed by the immense weight of the human footprint on the environment.

A multitude of problems beset the human race, their societies and economies: just watch the evening news, if you want evidence of this.

Amid this chaos, there is one group of professionals who have a disproportionate opportunity to drive positive change for humanity: our engineers.

Engineers design safe build bridges, and put the curiosity rover on Mars, after-all.

They make bridges that are anchored to stable points in the environment; bridges that span the chaos below; bridges that allow people to pass easily from where they are, to where they want to be.

Through the application of their craft, engineers are uniquely placed to improve our world, amplify human capability and make people's lives safer and easier.

Engineers can also create and implement designs that foster wildlife, protect critical natural systems, and change the outcome of the future.

That said, engineers also design nuclear weapons, coal-fired power stations, and bridges to nowhere.

Simply put: the engineers could be a critical influencer on the achievement of sustainability; if only they had the subject properly framed, so that they knew what to do.

If engineers are to be agents of change, they need also to be inspired, empowered and disciplined in a range of competencies, concepts and ideas that include: systems thinking, biomimicry, the Long Future, clean energy, Planetary Boundaries, Nil by Mouth, Adaptive Sustainability; to name a few...

Reframing the Future and Adapting to Change (a joint venture between the Long Future Foundation and Sustain Ability International) is a pathway to engineers becoming the go-to professionals for the knowledge, tools and implementation of change for the delivery of sustainability outcomes.

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About the Workshop

The 2-day workshop has the following benefits and features:

- Led by recognised experts, with cross-disciplinary expertise in sustainability;

- Understand what ‘sustainable’ means, and how it can be engineered into existence;

- Identify the vital organisational, social, and global trends that work for and against this aspiration;

- Innovative in its content, daring in its approach, and memorable in its format;

- Access to ongoing coaching and professional development;

- Multiple, plausible scenarios for what the future holds;

- Up to the minute appraisal of climate science and contemporary climate change impacts.

- Global case studies in sustainable engineering

The Schedule

Day 1
Reframing the Long Future

Facilitators from the Long Future Foundation will run a series of reframing exercises to really get into the hearts and minds of participants about the seriousness of the global “problematique”, and what frameworks can be used to solve the coming crises.

Day 2
Managing through Adaptive Sustainability

Facilitators from Sustain Ability International will go through the latest innovations in sustainability and help each participant develop a bespoke Adaptive Management Plan specific to a project and/or engineering task in your business.


The program seeks to embed a way of thinking and an adaptive approach to activity into each participant's working life that will deliver sustainability outcomes for each project, company, and ultimately the world itself.

Seats are limited. Register today.

Brisbane Melbourne

Date: 25 & 26 October 2017

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Venue: Engineering House, 447 Upper Edward Street, Brisbane

Date: 15 & 16 November 2017

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Venue: Engineers Australia, Level 31
600 Bourke Street, Melbourne


2 x full day workshop - $1,750.00 per person.

This includes:

o Tea break refreshments and lunches

o Course materials

o Note: A discount of 10% is applied for multiple bookings from one organisation

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Brisbane Melbourne



David Hood - Long Future Foundation
0408 487 498 -


Jane Stewart – Sustain Ability International
0411 838 033 -

The Presenters

David has over forty years experience in business, engineering, education, project management and senior executive positions in both the public and private sectors. David is a Chartered Professional Engineer, registered on NPER to practice in civil and environmental engineering. David is a past President of Engineers Australia (2012) and is an Al Gore trained climate change communicator and public speaker. David is a passionate and active driver of change for the Long Future in business.

Guy is a sustainability practitioner and thought-leader who demonstrates great diversity and innovation in his work. He is a communicator, strategist, advisor, commentator, presenter, entrepreneur & writer of fiction and non-fiction. He has studied environmental science (BSc Hons) and business (Masters), established numerous sustainability-inspired businesses and written eight novels with sustainability themes. Guy's mission is to help foster Mass-Ecophiny – a global environmental awakening that leads to a transformation of the world.

Jane is a global leader in sustainability education and a strategic thinker in the area of corporate social responsibility. She has worked with business, government and community organisations around the world to develop leading edutainment programs that build sustainability literacy and practical on-ground activity. Jane has been invited to present her programs across the globe from the White House Conference Centre in Washington, to the West End in London and many conferences in Australia, the UK, and the USA. Jane believes sustainability is a state of mind and a way of life. Incorporating sustainability principles, concepts and approaches in both formal and informal education and training is the best way to internalise these concepts and encourage their widespread adoption.

Colin has been involved in leadership and change for sustainability for over thirty years, including work on a range of engineering programs and projects. He was Sustainability Education Officer with La Trobe University between 2013-2016 and prior to that with Victoria University. For five years he led a team to develop an extensive government funded training program for sustainability educators – now referred to as the ‘Guide Beside’ program. He has been Vice-President of Environmental Education Victoria and also of Australasian Campuses Toward Sustainability. In 2015 he received a National Green Gown Award and in 2016 was the Victorian Environmental Educator of the Year.
Contact Colin: